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the price alone was a blocking factor

I'm sure what Steve says is correct.

The micro-SD cards wouldn't bother me much I don't think.

However the price is just ridiculously high.  Actually from the first models this whole product line has been priced way too high.  At least in the early days there wasn't much if any competition, but now there is lots of it - unless you really need super-fast AF on moving subjects, which few people really do (and those who really do, would want much better IQ).

Finally if I am to believe DxO Mark, the latest generation sensor, I believe from Aptina, is the worse sensor IQ-wise as seen by the Nikon 1 product line since its launch.  Ouch!  The sensor in the Sony RX100 for example, either 1st or 2nd generation, rates much better.  Comparison shots seem to confirm this.

Bottom-line, the 1 series seems to offer, for a hefty premium, below-par image quality coupled with the ability to do really fast continuous shooting and have great AF in video.  Still not sure what the market is - people who do high adrenaline sports might have been interested but they use GoPro's which deliver enough goods for them.

In the meantime one continues to see, on shelves, the odd Nikon 1 discounted down to the level of mid-range compacts, for two lens kits.  At such levels it represents huge value but also turns people away because they're worried that there probably is something fishy going on, such as Nikon perhaps dropping the Nikon 1 line altogether if it continues to so miserably fail to deliver returns on the investment.

timmer350 wrote:

by steve huff

wow, its bad...

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