Front filter for lens-UV or clear glass?

Started May 3, 2014 | Questions thread
Bill Robb Senior Member • Posts: 3,332
Re: Front filter for lens-UV or clear glass?

Normo wrote:

I am getting the kit 18-55mm lens and want to put a filter on the front. I have been looking at B&W filters and have probably been reading too much. Do most of you use a UV / haze reducing filter or just plain clear glass. B&W makes some expensive and high quality filters and wondered what most of you Fuji users employ. I am getting a XE1 with the kit lens at a good price ( thanks to members of the forum for a heads up) and want to protect the lens and images as best as I can. Thanks Norm

I don't use filters at all except for when I need them for a particular effect (polarizer, for example). If I was going to be shooting in a steel mill, I might consider a protective filter, but for day to day use, no, the lens hood provides more protection.

I don't think you will see much difference, if any, between a UV filter and a clear glass one.

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