POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

Started May 1, 2014 | Polls thread
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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Very flattering that you two follow my every word.

Perhaps you could find a better use for your time.

Since you go to the trouble of speaking out against those who are apparently placing too much emphasis on aspects of camera performance that you yourself don't really care about, I'd say that this advice, if we are to legitimize it at all, would be equally applicable to you.What I am doing here is responding in a proportional manner.

What you've missed is the underlying theme: Simplify, simplify, simplify.

No, I haven't missed it.  What I'm doing is calling it what it clearly is: the notion that everyone else should adopt the standards that you have in order to simplify things in the way that you think they should be simplified.  The reason you don't see that is probably because you're failing to understand, or recognize, or acknowledge that some people have higher expectations when it comes to certain aspects of the image quality equation that would preclude them from deriving the same degree of satisfaction from their images if they simplified things in the way that you think they should be simplified.

Could I enjoy photography with nothing but a travelcam and no RAW?  Absolutely.  Of course I could.  In fact I sometimes derive a great amount of satisfaction from producing what I consider to be excellent results using tools that some photographers would scoff at.  I bet we all do.  Isn't that at least part of why compacts are so much fun?  But why shouldn't I also have my larger sensors and faster lenses and greater control over imaging processing parameters so I can push the envelope even further, and get an additional buzz out of doing so?

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