Will 35mm cropped do instead of 56?

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Re: Will 35mm cropped do instead of 56?

mooshoepork wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

I do few portraits...can I push it?

When cropping, it will behave just like a crop sensor. If you have a f1.8 lens, it will be equivalent to a f2.9 lens when you crop the image.

What you are loosing is the max aperture and resolution.

Uh wut?

You're just losing resolution...

Do you think you would have the same results as a 56mm f1.8 ?? You are loosing more than the resolution, the photo will be noisier and will have deeper dof.

It is the same rules than with a crop sensor. f2.9 is the equivalent aperture (in terms of resulting image)

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