New FE Lens Announced - Zeiss 16-35mm F4.0

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Re: Because there was no announcement

Dandrewk wrote:

captura wrote:

Try reading the posts.

1 - I said it was only a rumor until officially announced by Sony.

2 - SAR is not a Sony agent and cannot announce anything.

3 - I said that in this case the TWO lenses in question would probably be announced, in due time.


Try understanding the english language. You said anyone who believes there is an incoming FE 16-35 is "gullible", which means they were deceived and cheated. Later, you called such folks "fools".

Nobody knows for certain the exact lenses Sony will announce. But to claim SAR is somehow duplicitous is absurd.

Feel free to continue the thread dump. We are all pretty used to it.

You are the O.P. for this thread. You started the thread out on the wrong foot by falsely claiming an "announcement" of this lens which implies that it was sanctioned by Sony. Some over-hopeful readers took your pronouncement at face value. Then when I tried to point out your error you chose to berate me. I've just never seen that kind of behavior from an O.P. before.

I suggest that you please re-consider your approach in the future.

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