New FE Lens Announced - Zeiss 16-35mm F4.0

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Re: New FE Lens Announced - Zeiss 16-35mm F4.0

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Huh? The FE 24-70 is a very nice lens. It is certainly a step up from the 28-70 but not as much as the APS-C 16-70 vs 18-55 or 16-50.

The FE 28-70 is sharper than the FE 24-70.

I will not call FE 28-70 is sharper but close to 3x more expensive FE 24-70 that is a failure design of this critical zoom

24-70L II on 5D3 vs FE 28-70 on A7R vs FE 24-70 on A7R

Your link doesn't work.

Try this one:

- if this link doesn't work, then paste it into the header of a new tab.

You will see near the bottom that the Sony 28-70 scores 16P-Mpx versus the Zeiss 24-70's score of 15P-Mpx on the Sharpness scale. The 28-70 is sharper and 1/3 the cost.

If only you completely read the same link you've posted instead of just looking at the scores. Sure it scores more Peak score for Sharpness than the Zeiss, but its probably just at the centre. The Zeiss is clearly consistently sharper across the frame. You can compare all the focal lengths and all apertures.



I am not claiming that the Sony 28-70 is a better lens. I am saying it's pretty good value for the money and I am happy with it on my NEX. Used examples abound. And yes, the 24-70 is disappointing.

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