Bjørn Rørslett's Df testing journal

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Re: Bjørn Rørslett's Df testing journal

benjaminblack wrote:

I pray with my whole my heart that the little metal tab on the Df finds it way to all future Nikon bodies. Wouldn't that be brilliant? Because a lot of the old non-Ai lenses are pretty amazing and super cheap on eBay. I know it's not going to happen, but it would be epic for Nikon to say "you can shoot any lens manufactured between 1959-2014 on any Nikon body."

I've had many non-AI lenses converted.  Considering how inexpensive non-AI lenses can be, it doesn't add a lot of expense ($25.)  But if one is a 'preservationist' or collector, then I can see why not wanting to convert them might be an issue.  John White at does a good job.

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