Invitation: Sigma SD1M vs Sony A7r best image rendition

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Invitation: Sigma SD1M vs Sony A7r best image rendition

I've uploaded two publically downloadable raw images to:

These are identical images taken from the same spot with the same lens with the same focus and the same aperture. The lens is a canon ts-e 17mm tilt shift lens using between 1/4 and 1/2 degree tilt. The cameras are 1)Sony A7r with metabones adapter 2)Sigma SD1Merrill converted to a canon mount. Both shots are sized at aps-c. The sigma camera has an aps-c sized sensor and the full frame Sony was set to aps-c crop in the camera resulting in aps-c sized images.  Both downloadable images are raw just as they came from the cameras.  No image manipulation of any kind has been done on either of them.

The lens was fastened to the tripod and the bodies to the lens. Once focus was attained with the A7r and the image taken the Sony body was removed and the Sigma SD1 body attached. Both were shot at f5.6 and iso 200.

What I'd like to see here is your best effort using any tools at your disposal for either or both images focusing primarily on getting the sharpest image possible. Other changes as you see fit are fine too but the real focus here is on how sharp the image can be.

The size limit per photo in yahoo groups is 5mb. Please post only full size images or links to full size images.

I've made the group restricted which means I have to approve membership. I did this only to avoid spam and the group is open to anyone who wants to participate. However, bad manners will be greeted with a ban from the group.

Let's keep it polite and try to keep any animosity or excessive fanboy attitudes to ourselves and especially off the dpreview forums where the original topic appeared.

There are no plans to have a winner but feel free to comment constructively on any image you wish.

To join the group go to: and click on the join group button at the top of the page.

You must have a yahoo id to join the group if you don't have one you can sign up for one on the next page.

If you don't want all group responses to come to your mailbox be sure to click no email in the delivery options.  You will then have to go to the group to see the messages/photos.


Sigma SD1 Sigma SD1 Merrill Sony Alpha a7R
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