A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

eastriding4310 wrote:

Hi Jamie, No I don't own an A99, A7, or an A7r. The camera that I was referring to is not any of those cameras, but has an aps c sensor and has extremely high jpeg IQ, contradicting what another poster was saying about an aps c sensor not being able to have as high IQ as a Sony full frame chip. Since it is another brand I chose not to identify it because if you read this thread you see the venom spewed out when another brand is mentioned, even though many posters own multiple platforms.

Cameras are like different tools in a toolbox and the right one needs to be chosen for the task at hand. My A77 is the camera that I use the most. I took 4,000 photos last week. Most of them with the A77. I like my A77, but like every camera made it has its limitations. I was hoping for the same quality chip per square millimeter in an aps c size as the A7r has in full frame. It became apparent a few weeks ago that this was not going to happen. So, yes, I was disappointed. And, no, I don't want an A7r, because most of my shooting is long telephoto and I like the feel of my A77.

It is a shame that posters on this forum are not allowed to be disappointed.

Sounds like the a99 would be a better fit for you. The problem you will always have is telephoto lenses on FF and getting that reach, you can however crop and it will be close.

We have not seen enough of the a77ii sample images yet to make big judgements.

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