Survey: shutter longevity - has yours died yet?

Started Apr 28, 2014 | Discussions thread
Sean Nelson
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Re: EPM1 after 3600 shots

micksh6 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

baxters wrote:

Shutter was blanking half the screen when faster than 1/1000 second.

This is the very first post I've ever seen about an actual shutter failure in the better part of a decade of perusing this site.

I saw shutter failure reported few times on this forum in 3 years. It showed as random overexposing at high shutter speed.

In my defence I don't read every post in this forum, let alone the other fora I frequent.

Interesting, though, that this thread has brought out the number of cases that it has.

Still, if you look at the number of shutter complaints compared to the many other kinds complaints that get posted, it still seems to me that shutters are fairly far down the list in terms of frequency of occurrence.

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