Minolta MD Lens Turbo II released, I just bought one for only $128!

Started May 3, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Minolta MD Lens Turbo II released, I just bought one for only $128!

I've been longing to try out a focal reducer on my Minolta MD lenses... I'd love a Speed Booster, but $400 for an adapter is simply not in the budget right now. I've been tempted to try the Lens Turbo, but the "green dot" (a.k.a. "blue spot") problem reports (and to a lesser extent, samples of very poor edge sharpness) kept me from pulling the trigger.

So, reports of the new "Lens Turbo II" really got my attention... for those who haven't heard about it, it's being touted as an enhanced version with the following updates:

  1. Redesigned Lens: The new 4 elements and 3 groups lens group, which includes two lanthanide lens, effectively reducing the dispersion, improve edge imaging.
  2. New and improved coating: The new coating formulations significantly reduce stray light due to reflection between each lens formed to address previous version Lens Turbo's "green dot" phenomenon in certain angles that appear.
  3. Special square end of the lens: According to the responsible development of engineering group, the new version Lens Turbo has a special end of the rectangular lenses, this make the image result closer to the CMOS sensor, so as to enhance the overall image quality.

I couldn't find info online re: whether there even would be a Lens Turbo II available for Minolta MD -- I'd only found info or sales re: Canon, Nikon, Pentax & C/Y versions. So, I sent eBay messages asking several sellers of the original MD Lens Turbo whether they knew of a Lens Turbo II coming for that mount. I focused mostly on sellers who were already listing Lens Turbo II's for other mounts.

One reply was from seller "leeshukwan," saying my timing was perfect... that the MD Lens Turbo II has just been released this past Wednesday, so their design department hadn't yet created an updated listing, but if I placed an order on the same regular MD Lens Turbo listing I'd actually get a Lens Turbo II, because version 1 is discontinued and out of stock. Their price is $164 + $14.99 shipping, ETA from Hong Kong to California is 5/16-5/28.

Then I got a reply from "big_is," who several posters have specifically mentioned as a seller known to carry genuine Mitakon/Zhongyi Lens Turbos, including version II's. The listing I used to ask my question was for the original version 1 MD Lens Turbo, $125 with free shipping... to my surprise, they replied to say "This is also Lens Turbo II, thanks for your message"! As I know I want to try this thing out, and couldn't know whether the price would be hiked when the version II sale page went up, I went ahead and bought it... after all, it was $54 cheaper than "leeshukwan's" listing!

FWIW, the free "economy" shipping option has an ETA of 5/20-6/17, but there's also a "standard" shipping option (ETA 5/12-5/21) for only $3, so I went with that.

Call me paranoid, but I also sent a reply message immediately after the purchase, restating that I was purchasing based on the info he'd provided me, i.e. that contrary to the description and product photos I would in fact receive an MD Lens Turbo II.  I don't expect there has been a misunderstanding, given that another seller confirmed the same thing... but I now have the extra insurance of official eBay communications before and after the sale.

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