Well...I finally pulled the trigger on a Fuji 14mm f2.8!

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Re: Well...I finally pulled the trigger on a Fuji 14mm f2.8!

machoman wrote:

km25 wrote:

You guys got good deal, I paid full price, but I do to care the 14mm F/2.8 is a little soft at 2.8 at the edges, that is were the cons end. The distortion is correct, but it is nearer normal the wide. IOS on a wide, not so much. I feel this a gotta own lens if you go Fuji.

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Can someone please make a comment about distortion from the lens - I'm always disappointed with wider than normal lenses as pics taken with people at the edges always distorts their faces. The panasonic 20mm on the GH1 distorts people faces - i spent so much time trying to make it look acceptable that i gave up. I would love to get a nice wideangle but i'm afraid the distortions will let me down.

There are a couple types of distortion, but what you are referring to is a side effect of rectilinear projection. In order to force straight lines in the lens, objects must get stretched and distorted near the edge of the frame. There is no way around this and it will get worse the wider you go. This isn't a property of the lens specifically.

A fisheye is an alternative to a rectilinear lens. It maintains scale and prevents stretching near the edge of the frame, but straight lines are no longer straight. Fisheye lenses will often be better for people shots if you go extremely wide to prevent scaling/rectilinear distortion issues. You do have to be extremely careful though so you don't have bow shaped people at the edge of the frame. Probably best with one person and you can run them through the center.

But when people talk about distortion and the 14mm are referring to barrel distortion in the lens. The 14mm doesn't have any, if you took a picture of a checker board all the squares would be square (not curved). It is "optically correct". This may or may not be important to you, in general this is going away as you can typically do as good of a job digitally. Either digital or optical will suffer some issues and field of view loss.

The following pictures show the lack of distortion in the 14mm and how a different lens looks in comparison.

14mm from my review on my blog. Notice the top and bottom red line are parallel, virtually no barrel/pincushion distortion.

The following is one from the Sony E mount 16-50mm without distortion correction applied, this lens is an extreme example:

Sony E mount 16-50mm with no correction applied at 16mm.

Either lens is going to have stretched subjects near the edge of the frame, they are both rectilinear lenses (the Sony not quite as much, it is slightly fisheye due to the distortion), but if you correct it, the stretching will occur.  If you ever de-fish a fisheye image, it will be just like a rectilinear image being stretched out at the edges.


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