A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

1DanC wrote:

Yes but does it take better pictures.

The big disappointments in the current A77 for me have been the smudgy Jpegs and low light performance.

All the other gizmos are not quantum leaps given all the secrecy.

  • Bigger buffer - I never have a problem with this
  • Brighter LCD - I've never adjusted mine above mid way
  • 5 times the AF points.. with AF limiting, I hardly ever have my camera on Wide, I like to pick what I want to focus on
  • Larger frame coverage with AF points - see my previous point
  • F2.8 AF sensor point - I'll read up on this
  • -2 EV (full moon level light ) AF - and what about the EVF in this kind of light
  • Smart object tracking - lets see what testing shows on this
  • EVF / LCD stabilization active with button press - might make you think you're actually doing a good job when you are not. I liked the indicator in the A77 which they got rid of, I'd love to see that come back.

The GPS is gone, that's a mistake. Have they improved the JPG engine?

I'll see what the full test brings, I can't see motivation to go to it from the A77 until mine fails. The A99ii may be an option.

Dan C

PS and they've changed the hotshoe! That means a new flash!

You are absolutely right about the JPEG files.  Once Photoshop CS6 could easily open the RAW files and convert them to TIFF, I haven't post processed a JPEG file in ages. I hope the RAW file code hasn't changed since I don't think Adobe is updating Adobe RAW any more.

They will update the raw files and Adobe do keep their raw converter up to date (but only on the latest version of Photoshop) however they do offer a free dng converter for download so that you will be able to use newer cameras with cs6.

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