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Re: Brand Love, Assessment skills, Selective reading.

Raist3d wrote:

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Raist3d wrote:

I have come to discover that one of the biggest hold backs is simply I don't see Nikon caring for the 1 system user. It's like the V3 is a good match for my needs not because they thought about it, but by accident. And they don't seem to care. - that Nikon 1 V1 issue of previewing every picture taken and no firmware upgrade for that- what the hell Nikon?

Again, in the context of spending so much cash, it really gives one pause.

The other thing I do miss is in-camera raw development. It allows me to play with a file in -camera and get an idea what can I do and some sort of instant feedback for exposures. And given the camera has wifi it just makes sense to be able to convert files to share. But I think I can deal with this.

I am struggling to understand why you would give up on a camera so soon. The V3 might be accidently ideal but you say it's a good match for your needs, so why abandon it?

Did you bother reading what I said on this? Maybe you missed on good faith what I said but you will note my main issue boiled down not to the camera, and more about the company with the asking price= that as a system- demands a certain cash investment- and that me still being undecided, I took on the offer of someone of allowing me to potentially save myself the trouble of losing big cash.

I do not believe what I wrote can be characterized as "giving up on the V3".

I have seen your shots and I can tell you haven't gone anywhere near the potential of the camera, not that the camera is so fantastic but more that your images are ordinary at best. And ordinary is a term I am using generously.

I sincerely wonder what is behind such an assessment by you and what your intent really is. Given the context it reads like an attempt to discredit me as a photographer, therefore, discredit somehow the opinion I may have about a photography tool- which you seem to have misinterpreted anyway. It is difficult to comprehend because as far as cameras and brands go at this point- these are mere tools, and I never claimed I fulfilled the potential of the camera.

But, photographic assessments like these are to be taken as seriously as I can see any evidence that you possess such skill to make it- so on a cursory look through your posts here I am not seeing anything that suggests I should take your assessment seriously- but if you do have a good set of photos or awesome portfolio somewhere, I would welcome the link so I can apply the appropriate weight to your assessment.

You may want to note that I started different threads- one with snaps and tests and another with photo graphic attempts. Maybe you confused one with the other or cannot tell the difference. That's ok.

I cannot agree with you, for example, that these Nikon 1 shots I took are "ordinary at best"

And for further reference, here's other photography I have done in relatively recent times from a much wider set of photographs:

As for RAW development why would anyone want to poke around menu's and tiny buttons for RAW processing?

I believe I explained this partially- because it gives a certain play ground to try different ideas. It's also a good way to share (see below) photographs on the spot given the camera WiFI features that work so well, as I have reviewed in another thread.

You might say this because your knowledge of RAW processing is limited but nobody I have come across would want to work this way.

How are you to make such an assessment? How can you tell? Are you even reading the workflow i mentioned of sharing a photograph editing from the camera using WiFi to your phone? Do you understand the type of real world business case this workflow has? Do you have any experience selling photographs that could benefit from this work flow as part of the sale or lack of?

As for instant RAW processing and immediate sharing using wifi, what is the time critical application that you have exactly? Why not just make a custom JPEG setting and use that if time critical sharing is required?

Do you understand the difference between the two workflows? Which one you think is more flexible and lends itself to experimentation? Would you complain if Nikon allowed us to create custom profile curves in -camera without the need for a computer and have to connect/upload/export?

Better yet- do I really have to explain anything to you? You are even missing some rather basic statements I made in my OP and seem to have nor skill nor attitude in properly reading them.

Or are you going to tell me you also need high detail large RAW files of night scenes on the street or for random shots of the mundane? C'mon please, think things through before you make these junk posts.

It seems to me you don't know what you are talking about, bear ill faith because you perceived I shot your favorite toy (which I did not) and have other issues given that last paragraph.

Nobody is forcing you to read anything, so moving forward, please skip my junk posts accordingly. Thanks.

What a classy yet crushing response...

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