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Re: KR doesn't like Sony anymore...

Ontario Gone wrote:

hlecter666 wrote:

"I wouldn't buy one of these Sonys.....The Sonys are flashy and loaded with foolish features...

Oh no he di'int...

Ken is right and wrong at the same time.  I use both Nikon and Sony cameras.  The A77 can be very frustrating when you actually press a button the wrong way and some of the functions change.  You have to carry the manual with you to fix your error which can take time.  If you can put up with the viewfinder white out under certain lighting situations, the slide show effect when when shooting high speed sports, and the really short battery life compared to Nikon, the 24 MP sensor, 12 FPS at max aperture, and continuous tracking auto focus on the A77 II more than makes up for these deficiencies, especially at $1,200.  My D7100 is certainly a better camera (especially the JPEG files), but for sports and surfing action, no other DX camera comes close to the A77 or A77 II.  (I currently use both the D7100 and A77 depending on the subject.  They're just tools.)

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