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Re: Remember when he wasn't a fan of the V2?

DesertCat wrote:

Steve's certainly entitled to his opinion, but I also remember when he gave a fairly non-glowing mini-review of the V2. What did it really come down to at that time? Price. That was when the V1 wsa on fire sale for about $300. The V2 was going for its initial release price of $800 at that time. So... in his assessment of image quality versus the cost of the camera, he felt that the V1 was the clear winner. I suppose it was, to a certain degree, at those prices at that time. Does that mean that the V2 was somehow a highly flawed product? Well no, he never really cited any evidence of that, he just didn't think the V2 offered enough image improvement over the V1 to justify the cost difference. As a result of Steve's relatively negative review, a whole bunch of people wrote off the V2.

Well, here we are again. The V3 is even more expensive, the pictures aren't a gigantic leap forward in IQ, and Steve declares he's may not do a full review of the V3 due to his disappointment. Well... he only gave a very brief review of the V2 but... wait for it... now he says:

"I have some nice 1 system lenses so I may buy a V2 once it goes to fire sale clearance."

Ahh, I see. So there really wasn't anything so wrong with the V2, it's just the price issue. My conclusion is that Steve only likes Nikon 1 V-series cameras when they are $400 or less. That's when he wrote his glowing reviews of the V1. That's why he initially bagged on the V2 (at $800 it was too expensive). That seems to be his largest complaint with the V3 (at $1200 it's too expensive). He even says he wants the V3 to sell for $399. Well don't we all? I do think he is correct in that Nikon's initial prices are too high. Once the dust settles, though, people need semi-objective reviews to know whether the camera is good or bad, regardless of the price tag. He never gave us that article on the V2. Given his initial negativity towards the V2, I'm laughing that it is now suddenly just fine in comparison to the V3 (if it goes on a fire sale).

Happy V2 owner here. I bought it in spite of Steve's opinion. Though I don't expect to buy a V3 any time soon, I sure wouldn't be swayed away from it by this semi-rant of a semi-article.

But you bought it at Henry's (so did I) and at that price Huff may have had a different opinion.

I think he said the V2 didn't have enough to upgrade at the initial price


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