Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: Too short worded!

This review (or should I say V3 trashing)  is simply too short on words and facts. I do not know why the size suddenly becomes an issue. As long the ergo metrics is right the small size fits the 1" sensor and the Nikon 1 line. However, build quality is an other issue. Based on the way Steve steps on the V3 in his review it would only be fair to rise specific issue with the quality. Every one agrees the price is outrages so I ignore this subject. The micro SD is for me a non issue. This has simply nothing to do with the quality and handling of the camera. It is just a storage device and that's it. Much more attention should be given to how the camera handles, its IQ, etc. We all know that the optional EVF is a bad design for the V3. It should be built into the camera or at least have its one port! A fair review should address these issues.

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