Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Ouch! I just read it...

Wow. Well a part of me wants to give him kudos only because someone who can be so fanatical about a camera model in the line to do this 180 must be at least speaking with some degree of honesty

I would agree that there are *some* aspects of the V3 that feel a little cheap.  The shutter button does feel a bit P&S (actually it pretty much is).  But I am surprised he says this liking the V1 model when the V1 model had in my opinion horribly built plastic buttons int he back and dial wheel which made quite the stark contrast with the solidly built body.

So I don't get that. I mean, I would have expected him to have said that also of the V1 to some degree.

On AF- well if the Sony AF is that fast... I could understand that. But - and admittedly I am most likely in a minority- the Sony does not have an e-shutter for quiet, which the V3 does. And the V3 does it fast enough avoiding skew at least in the situations I used it.

Market wise I can't deny Sony is making a great value proposition.  Maybe I can wait a little bit and see what happens price wise. I think as sold in the USA the V3 should be $900 TOPS if not $800.

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