Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Plastic (was) rapidly being confined to cameras under $800

ryan92084 wrote:

It's greed because what most of us wanted was a NEX-7 replacement. Instead they gave us a much cheaper but capable plastic camera, missing a few niggly things so that no one could ever claim that it was THE NEX-7 replacement. ON PURPOSE. Why? Because by saving the customer about $200 on the purchase, Sony would sell may be 2 or three times as many. Bigger net profit resulting. What a metal NEX-7 replacement.

I don't see how making a camera that (in this scenario) is wanted by 2-3x more people is a bad thing. Sounds like a smart decision to me and falls inline with the speculation that the nex7 didn't sell nearly as well as the nex6.

He didn't get what he wanted (a NEX-7 Mk.II), so he's mad. The A6000 could probably have been made of solid brass and he'd still find fault.

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