Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Here's something interesting - Steve Huff

has been as adamant and pro Nikon 1 system as he has been of micro four thirds/Olympus for the most part.

If you doubt this, read his Nikon 1 review and his review on the F1.2 32mm lens. I am sure when he did this he got a bunch of high fives, but now he says this and some people who I would bet money on a Poker table would have jumped in joy if it was a positive review, now are questioning him.

Ah, brand love.

For those who question him on good faith (and I see at least some in this thread too), I decided a long time ago that Steve's website had gone too commercial to take too seriously. So pro review or cons review, I basically look for particular points and what supporting evidence the review makes avoiding the OMG EXCLAMATION POINT fanfare of the NEW AND SHINY CAMERA that NOW I LIKE.

And Steve if you are reading this, I am not saying you are not bringing value but we need to apply some level of discretionary salt to the caps and exclamation marks

Personally I like the V3 for being small. I would have preferred a bit of more grip horizontally (i.e. no depth- like a bit more horizontal extension).

Have not seen his review yet but I would agree it would be nice to have that. Also most people at this point agree the price is a bit high.

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