Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

I'm still trying to sort this all out.  The a6000 seems to be a completely different beast.  With an APS-C sensor the lenses are not going to be small if some reach is needed.  Seems like the choice would be more an a6000 vs a DX camera.

I already have an FX camera.  If I am going to buy something that is almost as big and heavy as a DX camera with lenses almost as big and heavy, then I'll buy a DX camera so I can at least use all of my existing lenses.

Some of the other options given have poor lens choice or aren't even interchangeable lens (x100S).  So I for one am a bit baffled by the advice.  The v3 seems to fit a unique spot that is different enough from DX to be with the trouble.

I am considering the v3 as a companion to my FX camera, but am honestly somewhat nervous about the image quality and low light capability.  If it can come close to what my D300 used to do (dof differences aside) then I think it would work for me.  Even if it would land somewhere between the D200 and D300 in low light capability that would still be impressive.  But I'm really not sure.

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