Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Battery door, mainly...

123Mike wrote:

I think the build quality is very good, except:

- the battery door is too flimsy. It will break there first. That little switch to keep it closed *WILL* break. "Planned obsolescence"? (an official business term !).

I won't break under normal usage.  It does have a large lever arm so if you whack backwards when it's open I suppose it could break.

- the SD card is put at the wrong side, and it is hard to get out. This adds stress to the battery door when you're fingering around.

Grab the two edges of the card--not the sides.  No pressure gets put on the door.  However, Sony should've realized people inherently want to grab the sides of a card rather than the edges.  I bet they'll fix this as soon as they can, but a full body redesign is a major undertaking and might not have been ready just one iteration after the NEX6.

- the right wheel moves too difficult (plus everything is backwards through it)

This wheel is perfect IMO.  And perfectly placed.

- the back wheel is too easy to click when rotating

It takes some getting used to, but I wouldn't want the click to be too much stiffer.  I think the correct solution here is to use a more grippy wheel coating so you don't need to push it as hard to spin it.

- when you want to put the LCD back flat after you pulled it out, and you do that with one finger, it needs multiple pushes and touches in multiple places in order to go flat.

I'm not getting this.  It snaps shut with the press of the thumb (one handed).

- the flash popup, although cute, feels flimsy. I wonder what might break first on it. Loose contact from the flipping/vibrating when flipping? Closing mechanism? Given I don't use flash much, I'll be ok I think though. I resort to using brighter and MF lenses before I'd reach for using flash.

Mechanically, it does seem like it'd bang itself to death.  But then it is low mass and I use the flash on my NEX-6 a *ton* and no issues have cropped up.

Electrically, the flex cable is the only thing that has bear any changes and flex cables are indestructible.  The electrical contacts in the head see no strain due to strain reliefs in the head and the contacts in the camera body don't even move.

I did notice the flex circuit on the a6000 is a bit more exposed now so it has more room to move and with a larger bend radius.  On the NEX6, the flex cable is pinned down tighter and I could imagine some units might see wear due to rubbing on the flex cable.  Again, there's no visible sign of wear on my NEX-6, let alone enough wear to effect the electrical connection.


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