a6000: which lens to buy (kit or 16-70)

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Re: a6000: which lens to buy (kit or 16-70)

Hans von der Crone wrote:

I own the 16-50 and also the Zeiss 24mm. Have also owned the 18-55 with my 5N (sold). Very much considering to get the 16-70 because I'm in the process of moving from SLR to the A6000 as my main camera system.

How much better is the 16-70 optically compared to the 16-50? Of course it'll be a lot better, but I wonder in what areas specifically. My 16-50 is only decently sharp in the center and the distortion and vignetting is well documented. Can't seem to find much info about the 16-70 though, let alone a direct comparison with the 16-50.

There are very few direct comparisons with the 16-50mm. Here is one of many reviews I find with a quick web search. The 16-70mm is overpriced like most Zeiss, made in Thailand of all the weird Zeiss locations, is made of plastic, and grows. Not the qualities of a $1000 lens but besides me making fun of it, it seems like a good lens despite the oddness.


There are a bunch of reviews most positive like 4 of 5 star.  The kit zoom gets anywhere from 1 of 5 stars to 3.5 of 5 stars.  The reviewers all pan the 16-50mm for having an uncorrected RAW mode even if ALL m4/3 lenses need correction as well as Zeiss.  A lesson to lens makers, hide your RAW native images!

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