POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

Started May 1, 2014 | Polls thread
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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

When I first saw this thread I was very curious to see were it would lead. Raw vs Jpeg can be a volatile subject like religion or politics and quite often breaks down to insults and anger in other forums. But once again this forum maintained it's composure even with both sides presenting strong cases. It's why this is my favorite forum.

I've expressed several times before my preference in using the Raw format and I hope that I haven't pushed too far. I enjoy having as much control over my images as possible and I have set up a workflow that makes the process quite quick. So, for the most part, Raw is better for my style of shooting and processing but I will also be the first to admit that there is something sort of liberating about using Jpegs at times. I can batch process my Raw images to speed up the workflow even more but sometimes I will look at an image and wonder if the Jpeg really wouldn't be just as effective. This happens mostly with family snapshots that I take more for the memories than for any artistic value. All of my current cameras can produce very nice Jpegs out of the camera and are perfectly acceptable in a lot of situations.

I love using Raw for most situations but I also don't want to blindly do so just for the sake of it. Yes, storage is cheap compared to what it used to be but I still prefer to manage it efficiently. Each format has it's strengths and weaknesses and I want to stay mindful of that so that I can get the most out of my time and my images.

So as long as these threads stay civil there are always going to be good points to consider from both sides. Thanks for proving, once again, why this is such a great forum.


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