New FE Lens Announced - Zeiss 16-35mm F4.0

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Both ways is handy!

Actually there are circumstances where using APSC lenses on the A7s is handy.

There are times when you might want a much more compact lens (and not want to get a second APSC system)

So for example when hiking for many days, I'd like a macro lens. But a full frame tele macro is more than I'm prepared to pack in addition to the FE standard zoom.

The Zeiss Touit fits the bill nicely. Much smaller and lighter than any AF tele macro; and it gives more DOF because of use on a smaller format, performs well (and actually you can shoot square and up to 5x7 with the full height of the frame in good quality, so it is more than APSC in coverage)

I can imagine other cases too where you might want to be able to turn your FE system into an even more compact one if you have access to APSC lenses (my wife has some).

I will admit though that the Touit macro is the only APSC lens I can make a good case for buying as part of an FE system instead of an FF alternative (which if native means later...)

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