New FE Lens Announced - Zeiss 16-35mm F4.0

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Re: New FE Lens Announced - Zeiss 16-35mm F4.0

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Also, I have seen some talk about their APS-C lenses on the the A7R like the Zeiss 12mm Touit. This is a great lens but I wouldn't and didn't spend $1750 - $2200 for a 36 MP camera to use it as a 16 MP APS-C. Fuji does that really well for $750 - $1000 less. Heck the A6000 I'm told does that really well. IMO using the A7R body at less than FF is a waste of money.

The new-coming Fuji XT2 will be full-frame but unlike Sony, the Fuji lenses for the present APS-C X-cameras will not be interchangeable with the new lenses for the XT2.

So in that way, Sony did it better.

I will venture to say that Sony didn't do it better, but rather that Fuji did it worse.

It needs to be remembered that APS-C & FF sensor sizes sharing one mount is more of the dominant industry paradigm (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.) than the exception.

All those examples and Fuji goes, "nah, we're going to optimize the mount for the APS-C light circle and preclude the FF option. Nobody could possibly want a FF MILC in the future."

Who knows what Fuji was thinking. Regardless, it was short-sighted.

I think the direction only has to be one-way: ability to use FF lenses on APS-C - no one (serious about FF) cares to use APS-C on FF except as a stop-gap. Leica T is an example of this too, (of course without electronics it's hard to differentiate from all the other mirrorless APS-C cameras but that's another story)

And from the corporate perspective of a company, if they're getting their fans to upgrade via moving up a sensor size, the margins they add to total sales are much smaller than attracting a new user from a whole other system, since cannibalization is involved.

For perhaps the first time ever in living history, I agree with you.

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