Panasonic needs to update the 100-300mm lens

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The Panasonic lens map doesn't show anything longer than 100mm.

The only lenses in the near future longer than 100mm would appear to be the Oly 40-150mm f/2.8 and the 300mm f/4. Those will be Pro lenses and doubtless very good optically. However, it doesn't appear that the Panasonic focusing will support these lenses.

What do you mean by "However, it doesn't appear that the Panasonic focusing will support these lenses."?

If they are m43 lenses by all means Panasonic will support these lenses - i.e., they will work just fine on a Panasonic m43 body.

He's talking about Panasonic's new depth from defocusing (DFD) refinement to contrast detect AF. So far it only exists in the GH4 and it only supports Panasonic lenses. Of course Olympus lenses AF at least as well on the GH4 as they did on the GH3 and other Panny bodies.

There is no reason they couldn't support those lenses unless Panasonic decides not to.  Let's hope Panasonic comes to their senses especially with the 300 F/4 to which they have nothing similar.

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