POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

sherman_levine wrote, in part:

I consider the tradeoff worthwhile.

I don't.


My mileage does indeed, vary.

One difference is, I'm not making it personal.

Nor are you.

Usually when one's mileage varies, both viewpoints are considered; however there is a long tradition of "raw" proponents being "holier that thou."

I have great respect for your knowledge of computer situations, and have at times stated that "if Sherm says so, you can take it to the bank" or words to that effect, but often people will take a pet idea a tad far - I notice that a new person can ask a VERY basic question, and your reply is sometimes: "Ya' gotta' use 'raw'!"  when there's a good chance the person doesn't even know what the basic terms are, much less the more esoteric.

So, yeah, we each have our preferences; I don't care how any particular person processes their images, but I do not consider 'raw' - or better exposure practices ( my version of "raw", so to speak ) to be the holy grail.

We both have legitimate points and remain unconvinced as to the opposite, which is what makes horseraces.


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