5D classic or 60D?

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Re: 5D classic or 60D?

I've only taken a couple of shots with the 60d but I own a 650d (t4i) which I believe is very similar spec wise and a 5dc.

For what I use the camera for (landscape (with lots of LEs, portrait, and urban photography) the 5D AF is perfectly fine. The t4i has all cross type af points but I don't really notice much difference.

For me the biggest down side of the 5d is the lcd (which really is poor) and the lack of live view (which is annoying when you're using ND filters and having to remove them each time you set up a shot)

That said, I feel the RAW output of the (old) 5d sensor is simply better than that of the current 18mp canon aps-c sensors. Files are cleaner, tones deeper, and noise at equivalent isos easier to handle. I often push files a lot in post and I can hammer the 5d files more.

So, in summary, for me and my use, I'd go with the 5d (my t4i is practically just a back up right now).... IF you can stretch to the mk ii it might be a better investment in the long run though which makes up for a lot of the shortcomings of the classic.

At the end of the day they both should do a solid job.

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