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Re: Soo many options to Geotag ....

MikeInOr wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

MikeInOr wrote:

If you have an android phone.. you are in business as the Eyefi Android App supports GEOTAGGING from the phone GPS before uploading ets.

Raws and the backup JPEG's that I transfer directly from the card to my NAS would not be GEO-tagged! I will stick with how much I love the built in GPS on my A77! The location is always there on every picture with out any extra hassle!

I recommend some Cheese maybe a nice runny Bree with that Whine..

I gave you both a solution for your.. "show the GF where I am at all times" need.

AND I showed you a solution for GETAGGING your RAWS when you upload them..

But please continue to whine.... If mindless GEOTAGGING is more important than all the other upgrades. DON"T BUY ONE...

IF you like the other features.. and want to GEOTAG.. say thanks.. because someone did all the research you could have done.. before telling us how the problem was your GF couldn't see your images on a map..

SIGH.. [editing soo many good gigs here ]

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<
Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

The original poster asked for a discussion about using the camera GPS vs a cell phone GPS. I explained why I love my in camera GPS and have no interest in getting a camera without a GPS. Now you are just being snarky and rude!

Yes just a bit..

I like having a GPS never enough data..... but can not imagine a GPS being so important it is a deal breaker vs better focus and better framing with visible stabilization etc. How did we do photography before GPS?

Yet not important enough to add some small steps to your card off-loading process as I already showed you that you won't even lose your live tagging and up loading.

You can always switch systems to Lumia...

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<
Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

Thank you for recognizing that you are snarky and rude.

Just because you don't see that it isn't important to some people doesn't mean that it isn't. But I guess yours is the only opinion anyone should ever be concerned with!

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