SX50 at San Diego Zoo Fete...

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Re: SX50 at San Diego Zoo Fete...

Thx for your reply.

Regarding the monopod, I make a conserted effort to hold my breath, arms tucked in close to the body, brace myself, and apply a gentle push down with the finger when taking a shot.  There are times when I'm not always successful, especially at full out zoom when the slightest bobble and camera shake creaps in the most.  It takes some conscious effort when shooting to be calm, stable, hold your breath, and be at ease.

ebay has inexpensive monopods (mine only cost $20 some seven years ago and is in need of replacing) but make sure you get a monopod that has the quick release options so that you can detach from the monopod if necessary.

Good luck to all and good shooting.

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