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Re: Why is GPS important?

oklaphotog wrote:

I guess I don't understand what the big deal is. I know where I've been taking pictures, so gps in a camera is useless to me unless it were to have a set of topo maps and be able to be used as a navigational aid in replacement of a handheld gps or quality smartphone. Aside from news work or rare things like engineering/scientific work... What is the point of having your images geotagged?

Sony probably removed it to keep costs under control so that the camera could have things much more important to photography... Like better AF etc.... I guess if you are one of the few that use it, it might be a let down... But you can still do it with your phone that you probably already have in your pocket if you are one of the rare people that geotags.

So if you use the GPS and love having all your pictures GeoTagged automatically it is probably a big deal to give this functionality up!  If you never use the GPS then you probably don't care at all that it isn't in the new A77II!

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