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Re: Plastic (was) rapidly being confined to cameras under $800

captura wrote:

pixelpushing wrote:

Meanwhile, my former RX100-II was metal, but it was a pain in the posterior ergonomically. My X100 was probably the sexiest camera I've owned and beautifully built, but lacked too many features and the 12MP was just not adequate, anymore. It also had a retail price of well over a grand -- with a fixed lens.

Maybe you should have bought the replacement X100S, instead.

Because I prefer something that's more practical and functional, rather than a pretty looking design or a material that feels cool to the touch.

The X100S is a novelty item - fixed lens, so-so speed, fixed display with a low resolution 16MP sensor that, while good, has issues with greens as well as cooking/processing higher ISO RAW (detail loss, softening). There's a reason DxO has yet to test the X-Trans cameras. They can't do it with any efficacy as a comparative entry into their rankings.

Seriously, you do know there's more to a camera than a metal skin, yes?

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