Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Plastic (was) rapidly being confined to cameras under $800

captura wrote:

That's crazy. The Fuji XT1 is not competing againt the's double the price. It's a different market altogether. Fuji X buyers would not consider the A6000 because of it's cheaper construction.

What hogwash. They may not be direct competitors, but you can't say why someone would pick one over the other. Every individual has different requirements.

Here a quote from this very forum:

"I am planning to get a MIL camera that I can use my Contax G lenses on & am seriously looking at the A6000. I had been planning to get a Fuji X-T1, but I have decided not to spend that much."

Again: Plastic doesn't necessarily mean CHEAP.

A6000 buyers are getting a nice bargain considering the Sony's great performance. But if you live in a posh condominium you wouldn't want to move to a slum, would you?

So you're saying that a 24MP sensor with an 82 DXOmark is secondary to a 16MP with aesthetically pleasing materials that are not proven to enhance the durability or functionality of the product.

Since when is a camera like a condominium? How is that even remotely analogous, by any stretch of the imagination?

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