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Re: Manual geo-tagging is not an acceptable alternative

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I wonder what you consider a lot of work:

  1. Start app on phone.
  2. Take pictures.
  3. Upload track log to PC that the app made.
  4. Upload pictures into Lightroom.
  5. Run Lightroom plug-in that assigns that tags.
  6. Done.

The alternative with a77:
1. Take pictures.
2. Done.

You don't upload your pictures? Do you live off your memory card?

Do you use Lightroom? Have you never used a plug-in before?

Nope! I do not upload my pictures! I take a picture, the eyefi card sends it to my cell phone which forwards it to Picassa. The pictures are on my cell phone and in my Picassa account with a nice map of where I have been before I even get home. (3 copies of the picture without doing anything!) When the eyefi card is half of three quarters full I will pop it in the computer and suck it over to my NAS for a local backup. My GF really loves this because she has access to the pictures pretty close to instantly before I get around to uploading them and making them available.

But you just contradicted yourself since you admitted that you still have to put in the eyefi card into your PC when it gets close to full. You are still doing many of the steps above, just not necessarily in the order that I mentioned. With my import step into Lightroom, it automatically creates a backup of the file and stores it elsewhere. I also use a cloud service (BitCasa) which all of those images get backed up to well.

Anyways, enough of that. Onto some actual questions and comments of interest:

Must be a pain doing that with RAWs. I've looked at them wanting to do something similar but their transfer rates really suck for those that shoot RAW only or RAW+JPEG and want both offloaded.

Second issue I would have is I wouldn't have enough space on my phone or tablet to hold a full day's worth of shooting.

Do you rely on your carrier's data plan to offload your pictures from your cell or do you wait until you get home and it syncs it over your wifi? Does it do that automatically or do you need to initiate a "Push"?

Do you use Picassa solely or do you use other editors? I found Picassa too limiting for my needs.

I do not use Picassa's editor. I don't mean to be rude; but when I looked at Picassa's editor it is little more than a toy. I use Photoshop if I am going to print something or want to tweak a picture. For the most part I am very pleased with the JPEG's from the A77.

The eyefi card allows me to select to upload only the JPEG's and leave the RAW's on the card. I don't get a copy of the RAW's until I copy everything to my NAS at home.

I have a Verizion cell phone through work and our plan has unlimited data. I would probably go broke if I had to transfer the photo's on a personal plan. If there is an available WiFi connection the EyeFi software on my Android phone will select the WiFi connection to transfer to Picassa instead of the data plan. The EyeFi card can be set to keep the pictures on the phone until a WiFi Internet connection is available then it will automatically start the transfer to Picissa over WiFi. (So you don't soak yourself with data charges).

The EyeFi is far from a perfect WiFi solution... so don't take my description to mean that it is the best thing ever. At first it really sucked! I had the EyeFi card setup to make a point 2 point connection to my cell phone. Worked great on the road. When I was at home the EyeFi software on my phone would freak out. Once I figured out I had to tell the EyeFi card about my home network everything smoothed out quite a bit (The EyeFi card would try to send the pictures over a P2P adhoc connection to my phone while my phone was connecting to my home access point, i.e. my phone was trying to access 2 wifi networks at once and had a IP stack melt down) With the phone and the EyeFi card both on my home access point the phone only needed one WiFi connection to access both the EyeFi card and the internet... this works a whole lot better. When I am away from home the EyeFi card and Phone fall back to the adhoc network and the phone sends to Picassa over the data plan.

The EyeFi transfer of JPEG's to the phone isn't fast... but it is fast enough. When we are on vacation, for example, we will stop somewhere and I will take several dozen shots of the family in front of the scenery. As soon as the A77/Eyefi card is within range of my phone the two recognize each other and the EyeFi starts to transfer to the phone. If I turn the A77 off during the transfer the transfer to the phone will continue until all the new photos are on the phone. Usually within 15 - 30 minutes or so the photos are on the phone and the phone is in the process of uploading to Picassa. I have a 64GB SD card in my phone and I have only had to clean off the JPEG's from the SD card once during a vacation... which meant cleaning off the Eyefi card a few times. I have a ASUS Transformer tablet I can put the EyeFi card in for viewing on a larger screen or clean up.

I take pictures for fun and for the memories! I am far from a professional photographer that does this for a living.

Let me reiterate!!!!.... the EyeFi card is far from perfect. It is very far from the be all end all of picture transfer. It is the ONLY WiFi camera Link I have ever worked with. I would hope a WiFi integrated into a camera would be smoother and offer more features.

I love being able to click on a location in Picassa, like a beach, and see how the beach and the kids have changed from the trip 6 months ago until now. I just find this fun!

P.S. I have one Sony battery and 2 Wasabi batteries for my A77.  I have never had to go to the 3rd battery (2nd Wasabi) in a single day.

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