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Re: Spring shadows

Ken Christie wrote:

david_g wrote:

Sal18 wrote:

Fisher woman

I'm uncertain about the graphics…suspecting they should not be the main story. Your thoughts?


Sal, see if -

1. b.w conversion

Not necessary. The blue makes a statement

no, of course nothing is ever necessary ... b.w is simply one way to explore the graphic quality that sal mentions being uncertain about...to visualize line, space and balance and see how this might inform future images.  i agree, it's possible one could look at the image and walk away with blue's strong statement firmly fixed in mind...to which i would say: don't change it to b/w

2. left rotation (portrait) 90 degrees

I see it better that way. My natural reaction was to want to rotate.

3. an optional horizontal flip (mirror image)

I find it quite hard to read reversed text. I can do upside down though. I'd bet Sal can read a score upside down, but it might sound a bit different read right to left. [I hate obviously flipped images.]

(؛ ʇɥbıɹ ǝq pןnoɔ noʎ

4. small crop down to the top of the head.

If cropping, I'd look to crop out the shadows that have no visible source in the shot. Those that do balance quite nicely.

makes for a stronger image closer to how you saw the shot?

for me, it brings your shadows to the fore and allows the lines of plank/rod to do what they do best ...graphically move attention through the frame from dark bottom to bright top.

...as a bonus you then have a comfortable arc of plank - person - fishing rods - bird sign.

A "story" isn't at all needed... but you do need a subject.

Just my tuppence worth.

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