Testing new A6000 + SEL1670Z

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Re: Testing new A6000 + SEL1670Z

I think the OP just needs some minor adjustments.  Be real, the reason peoples photos look good is because they have the camera adjusted and they do PP sometime quite a bit of Post.

The OP simply needs to do some work with settings either in camera or PP.  The time of day is also not great and the images are not what most would call inspired, but they are not bad either. It looks like typical Sony greens to me... too yellow.

People act as if every image should be exceptional, but I see a lot of things much less inspired than this. A crappy photo of a frig and cabinet is ignored, replaced with an inspired discussion about the cameras ability, or lack there of, to focus on said frig in near dark.  Because we are all planning on spending large chunks of time shooting our kitchens in the dark.....

To the OP your basic settings likely need some adjusting, saturation, hue, whatever. Shooting at magic light is generally the best way to get inspiring light.  Adjustments are done using baby steps.

The important thing is you are out shooting!

Have fun

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