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Re: Manual geo-tagging is not an acceptable alternative

VirtualMirage wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

VirtualMirage wrote:

I wonder what you consider a lot of work:

  1. Start app on phone.
  2. Take pictures.
  3. Upload track log to PC that the app made.
  4. Upload pictures into Lightroom.
  5. Run Lightroom plug-in that assigns that tags.
  6. Done.

The alternative with a77:
1. Take pictures.
2. Done.

You don't upload your pictures? Do you live off your memory card?

Do you use Lightroom? Have you never used a plug-in before?

Nope! I do not upload my pictures! I take a picture, the eyefi card sends it to my cell phone which forwards it to Picassa. The pictures are on my cell phone and in my Picassa account with a nice map of where I have been before I even get home. (3 copies of the picture without doing anything!) When the eyefi card is half or three quarters full I will pop it in the computer and suck it over to my NAS for a local backup. My GF really loves this because she has access to the pictures pretty close to instantly before I get around to uploading them and making them available.

If I get a picture I or my GF really like I will touch it up in Photoshop and send it to Costco to be printed.

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