X-T1 eye sensor stays powered on when camera is off!

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Re: X-T1 eye sensor stays powered on when camera is off!

57LowRider wrote:

fluxcapacitor wrote:

57LowRider wrote:

fluxcapacitor wrote:

Mine's not lit like that (or is that red dot a reflection?) even when it's on, so I don't know what's going on with yours.

It's not a reflection as it goes out when the battery is removed.
It's the proximity sensor, you can see the same on an iphone when in a call.

It appears to have gone out after about half hour of being off so perhaps it's residual energy in the sensor

What serial number range is your camera in? Mine is invisible, works fine. It sounds as if there's non-conformity between different production lines.

Serial is 41M10081 purchased in the UK

41M12xxx here, also UK purchase. Perhaps ramping up production to meet the unexpected number of pre-orders has resulted in variations.

If you have another camera, e.g a phone camera, can you see the light on the phone ?

could be using a different wavelength of light on yours?

E.g if you point a tv remote at a phone camera and press a button, you can then see the light .

except with mine the light is visible to the naked eye. Either way, I don't think it should be on when the camera is off

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