Canon 6D with 24-105 or Nikon D610 with 24-85?

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Re: Canon 6D with 24-105 or Nikon D610 with 24-85?

qianp2k wrote:

Both cameras are quite capable and deliver similar IQ. D610 is better in DR at base ISO but 6D is cleaner in high ISO but difference is pretty small in real world photos.

Now comes to the respective kit lens. 24-105L/4.0 IS is much better than 24-85G/3.5-5.6 VR, constant f/4, longer at tele side, weather sealed and better build quality, also optically perform better. 24-105L counterpart is 24-120G/4.0 VR that is not part of any Nikon combo and costs lots more but optically performs about the same as 24-105L that is sharper lens than both Nikon copies as shown in DXO test below (such as at 24mm wide open).

DXO 24-105L on 6D vs 24-85G on D610 vs 24-120G on D610

When you compare lens scores keep in mind the Nikon D610 is truly AAless in one orientation. You can see this in DPReview's studio comparison and looking at the moire characteristics and how it flares in one orientation of detail but not another. You can also see in DxOMark's sharpness profile how vertical vs horizontal sharpness differs a great deal across lenses.

IMO it may result in nicer benchmarks...but somewhat awkward and uneven sharpening....

If you take out the fact that the D610 is AAless in one direction and its slightly higher'll realize that many of the Canon lenses often bashed for being inferior, quite frankly aren't. And they sharpen up nice and EVENLY in post.  I would prefer the D610 just be entirely AAless and not AAless in only one orientation, but in truth I am absolutely fine about having a complete and even AA filter in place and don't buy the AA hype.

The truth is even an often bashed lens like the 17-40L is actually a cheap and wonderfully performing lens to *any* of the Nikon UWA's except their legendary 14-24, etc. It actually beats their 16-35G in some regards and comparable to their 18-35 which has lesser focal range.

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