Low light standard prime... which one?

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Re: Low light standard prime... which one?

I have the old Sigma 30mm 1.4 and it is a great lens. The number of great shots I have gotten at 1.4 = 0! 1.4 has such a small depth of field I don't find it useful for low light situations. Unless the subject you are trying to highlight from the fore/background is completely flat the DOF is usually too narrow. For example a closeup of a flower, it is easy to not have the closer petals or the back petals in focus while the middle of the flower is in focus. I am not saying it can't be done I am just saying it is a lot easier a stop or two smaller.

I have found unless I use a tripod and focus peeping to take a critical picture I am just as good with the 2.8 on my 16-50mm.

But everyone has different needs!

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