Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Build quality quibbles I can agree with!

pixelpushing wrote:

- the battery door is too flimsy. It will break there first. That little switch to keep it closed *WILL* break. "Planned obsolescence"? (an official business term !).

I don't think it's horribly flimsy but mine does stick sometimes, and I've seen other complain about that.

I don't feel it's too flimsy - if I directly compare it to the 5N's door, it seems lighter than the 5N's...but seems strong enough.  Mine doesn't stick either.

- the SD card is put at the wrong side, and it is hard to get out. This adds stress to the battery door when you're fingering around.

Yeah, this is the only thing about the camera thus far that has me scratching my head, wondering what the bloody fig they were thinking. Weird angle, awkward and you do have to put pressure on the door to work the card out.

I only found the card slot to be a problem for memorysticks.  For SD cards I haven't found it to be an issue.  The SD cards seem to go in easily, and I tend to pull them out by pushing to release, then tweezing the two ends of the card with my fingernails rather than trying to grab at the card with my fingers which would stress the door.  Memorysticks seem much harder to align with the slot, and much harder to get at with your fingers.

- the right wheel moves too difficult (plus everything is backwards through it)

It's a little stiff, but I don't find it reversed to my way of thinking. Rotate to the left for <, right for >.

Agreed - not too stiff for me, and the directions seem intuitive.

- the back wheel is too easy to click when rotating

Not mine, maybe yours it a bit more touchy? Mine is just right, IMO.

Agreed here - mine's not touchy at all - just about right, doesn't move accidentally.

- when you want to put the LCD back flat after you pulled it out, and you do that with one finger, it needs multiple pushes and touches in multiple places in order to go flat.

So you mean like a track or something? My RX100 and NX300 worked pretty much the same way this does. In fact, I think the Samsung was even more fiddly to get back in place than this. I personally like the action of the hinge, and it goes directly back in place with my thumb along the right bottom edge of the LCD, pushing in.

Haven't noticed this to be an issue...admittedly, I'm mostly an EVF user though.

- the flash popup, although cute, feels flimsy. I wonder what might break first on it. Loose contact from the flipping/vibrating when flipping? Closing mechanism? Given I don't use flash much, I'll be ok I think though. I resort to using brighter and MF lenses before I'd reach for using flash.

The flash took some getting used to, as it feels almost like an automated button function but it's really just a release. And the stalk is pretty long, but I like that, as it'll clear lenses with hoods more effectively, etc. - I also like the bounce pivot aspect. Not all pop-ups have that.

Another thing I haven't noticed - though it's highly unlikely I'll ever use the built in flash.  I think I took 1 flash photo with my NEX3 in a year, none with my NEX-5N in two years, and expect the number on my A6000 to be about the same.

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