Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

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Re: Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

GingerSix wrote:

Tapper123 wrote:

But of course, I am not a JPEG shooter. I'd be more interested in how the RAW files look.

Agreed. I can't imagine shooting JPEG only with a camera like this. I'm surprised some people do.

If the JPEGs are good enough, why shoot RAW? I'm more surprised that you you are surprised...

When taking pictures with an old film camera, after you get your pictures developed, do you throw out the negatives?

For some JPEG may be fine and dandy, but I feel JPEG is starting to get a little long in the tooth.  If you are perfectly happy with the out of camera results, then they can be fine.  But if you need to make adjustments to them, you start to become limited.

JPEGs, by nature, are only limited to 8-bits per color channel.  That is only 256 shades of color per channel.  This camera is capable of shooting at 14-bits, which is 16,384 shades of color per channel.  This gives you smoother transitions in color without the risk of posterization, more accurate color, and more accurate tones.

While you might not be able to see the full advantage of 14-bit images on your current display, as technology continues to improve RAW files will be more future proof than JPEGs.  We will be able to see on our displays what that 14-bits gets you, RAW editors will be able to get better results out of the RAW files etc.  Meanwhile, JPEG will still be stuck with little to no room for improvement.

For those happy in the now and not concerned about the future, JPEGs are fine.  For the rest, RAW is still the go to source.

Just remember how JPEGs looked back in the 90s.  Now imagine your JPEGs taken today 20 years from now.  Will they hold up just as well as they did back then, or will they be showing their age (and not in a good way)?

While RAW isn't for everyone (I agree on that), I do feel it is time that the camera manufacturers look to a new format other than JPEG that is little more future ready.  JPEG2000 or JPEG XR are good candidates and attempts have been made to push them, but not much success has come from it.

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