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Re: Plastic (was) rapidly being confined to cameras under $800

ryan92084 wrote:

For many people, a metallic-feeling camera is a lot nicer. But here's what Fuji says about their reason for using metallic construction of one of their cameras, the X-10:

"Rigidity is a deciding factor for the feel of the hold. The X10 has a 1mm aluminum sheet on the front and back panels of the body that is thicker than those of ordinary cameras (0.8 mm).

Rigidity is measured by the cube of the thickness, which means the X10 is nearly twice as rigid as ordinary cameras [1³ / 0.8³ = approx. 2]. This is one of our efforts for making sure users can enjoy the camera for years to come."

So now we have evidence that a quality metal body can be stronger than composite plastics, but can be sold for a competitive price. The Fuji X10/X20 models came in at about $500. If Sony had chosen to make the A6000 more appealing by giving it a better NEX-7-like body they could have done so. By not doing so, is that not perhaps an example of corporate greed?

1) never take marketing as a fact
2) the only thing bring compared there is .8mm versus 1mm of aluminum and saying the latter is more rigid. Thanks I guess...?

Exactly - they're not doing any comparisons at all, vs. plastics.

3) the whole thing is about feel in the hand and nothing about improving durability or longevity of the camera as a whole versus a plastic or any other material.

Yep. And hey, I like metal as a feel for a camera, too. It's just not as big a deal when the camera is otherwise well made, like with the A6000. By contrast, my NX300 has a metal top plate with a leather-ette wrap and I found that camera a bit cheap feeling compared to this Sony.

Meanwhile, my former RX100-II was metal, but it was a pain in the posterior ergonomically. My X100 was probably the sexiest camera I've owned and beautifully built, but lacked too many features and the 12MP was just not adequate, anymore. It also had a retail price of well over a grand -- with a fixed lens.

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