Canon 6D with 24-105 or Nikon D610 with 24-85?

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Re: Canon 6D with 24-105 or Nikon D610 with 24-85?

RicF1979 wrote:

Good afternoon community.

As we are preping ourselves to go to Australia and New Zealand, we decided to upgrade our t2i to a different/better camera.

I'm very indecise between the 6D and the Nikon d610.

I read a few things around here but still can't make up my mind.

It seems the lens that comes with the Canon kit is better but the Nikon AF is better.

Please help... I'd like to make my decision by this weekend


Thanks a lot!

Ricardo and Nicole

I just don't understand why people keeping asking this question all the time. Nobody here can help you except get you more confused.

I use to own 6D and D600 but I am not here to tell you what to do because both cameras are far better than t2i and will surpass your expectations.

Another person asked same question just five threads below yours.

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