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So now we have evidence that a quality metal body can be stronger than composite plastics, but can be sold for a competitive price. The Fuji X10/X20 models came in at about $500. If Sony had chosen to make the A6000 more appealing by giving it a better NEX-7-like body they could have done so. By not doing so, is that not perhaps an example of corporate greed?

My personal vote is for metal. This Fuji statement seems to validate my vote.

Right, Don.

If Sony had used the metallic body construction, they would have given us the actual NEX-7 replacement camera which everybody was clamoring about, for so long. But they left out the level, a couple of ports and gave us plastic in order just to save maybe $200 retail. And at the lower price, they probably doubled their sales volume. GREED!

I really doubt the difference between some fiber and a small piece of aluminum plus manufacturing costs is $200. But let's not quibble on small items. I hope Sony is listening to this thread, and considers all the still NEX-7 owners. Please Sony, just tweak the A6000 a little with some metal, a better EVF, even if you have to hump it, and a couple of other small things, keep it fairly close to the A6K price, and have another APS-C model, maybe the A7000, to bust the doors down. Don

Then how do you account for the big price difference between the NEX-7 and the A6000?

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