Reikan Focal Pro Accuracy for AFMA

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Re: Reikan Focal Pro Accuracy for AFMA

Mais78 wrote:

nitroman wrote:

Hi !

I'm after some feedback as to how accurate other photographers find Reikan Focal Pro 1.9.5 ?

I've been testing my Canon 1DS3 and 5D2 but the AFMA seems to jump around all over the place - from -5 to + 8 or more.

I've set up my test target under constant halogen fresnel 650w light, so i'm getting about 9.5 EV light levels - pretty decent.

I realise that the light source can affect the final AFMA but the number should be consistant - and it just isn't.

I've also tried older version of Focal Pro (1.8.1) as the latest version doesn't work on Mavericks. However, the AFMA results vary even more with the older version of software.

How accurate does everyone else find Focal Pro ?

Feedback would be appreciated as i'm not getting any response from Focal Support over the last six weeks of trying ...


Hi find it useless. There is a much easier, cheaper (free) and effective way, try this

Which focus chart do you like to uise for this method?

And thanks!

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