Panasonic needs to update the 100-300mm lens

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Re: Panasonic needs to update the 100-300mm lens

Lab D wrote:

I hope they read this!

I made sure my 100-300mm lens has the latest FW, but it is still very slow even in high speed burst mode. With the GH4 I get about 3 frames per second with it while the 35-100mm is about 7. If you turn off focusing it jumps to 12 or even about 40 in super high speed more. But turn on C-AF and it goes back down to under 4.

Panasonic needs to either come out with an updated version like they did with the 14-140, or fix it with firmware (if possible).

Tracking still works well with the lens and the GH4, and under 250mm it is very sharp (even 300mm is good). But it is slower than it should be.

Here is an example of what it can do...just not very fast.

Part of the problem is the aperture actuator - which Panasonic has admitted to.

If you stop down the lens, the burst rate slows. So, try shooting wide open.


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