Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

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Re: Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

Raist3d wrote:

I have come to discover that one of the biggest hold backs is simply I don't see Nikon caring for the 1 system user. It's like the V3 is a good match for my needs not because they thought about it, but by accident. And they don't seem to care. - that Nikon 1 V1 issue of previewing every picture taken and no firmware upgrade for that- what the hell Nikon?

Again, in the context of spending so much cash, it really gives one pause.

The other thing I do miss is in-camera raw development. It allows me to play with a file in -camera and get an idea what can I do and some sort of instant feedback for exposures. And given the camera has wifi it just makes sense to be able to convert files to share. But I think I can deal with this.

I am struggling to understand why you would give up on a camera so soon. The V3 might be accidently ideal but you say it's a good match for your needs, so why abandon it? I have seen your shots and I can tell you haven't gone anywhere near the potential of the camera, not that the camera is so fantastic but more that your images are ordinary at best. And ordinary is a term I am using generously.

As for RAW development why would anyone want to poke around menu's and tiny buttons for RAW processing? You might say this because your knowledge of RAW processing is limited but nobody I have come across would want to work this way. As for instant RAW processing and immediate sharing using wifi, what is the time critical application that you have exactly? Why not just make a custom JPEG setting and use that if time critical sharing is required? Or are you going to tell me you also need high detail large RAW files of night scenes on the street or for random shots of the mundane? C'mon please, think things through before you make these junk posts.

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