POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

phototransformations wrote:

cainn24 wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

I've read reams of arguement on this subject on this forum for years and have yet to see convincing evidence that raw is more than a "cool" sounding word

This is just like the time you posted that thread about how sick to death you were of discussions about low-light performance and then proceeded to post a low-light high ISO image from one of your travelcams processed in neatimage (or whatever software it was) to shut everyone up. Apparently, anyone who values a two-stop advantage is just being silly.

But I guess you didn't feel content to stop there. Now, apparently, anyone who values an exposure safety net, or maximum control over degrees and types of sharpening and noise reduction, is just being silly too; trying to be "cool" instead of practical.

How exactly someone can spend a number of years on this earth, especially exposed to photography culture, and not develop a proper understanding of the concept of subjectivity, is beyond me. I mean are you really telling us that the idea that people can have higher or lower standards than each other, and place different degrees of importance on different factors in the IQ equation, is incomprehensible to you?

Seriously Erik, I know for a fact that it isn't. So what's this really all about? A reaction to some perceived elitism? Is it impossible now for people to be openly enthusiastic about a fast lens, or the superior results they're getting from some new and improved workflow, without provoking such reactions?

From what I've noticed in the last few months, we can apparently also add to the list of silly wastes of time: Photoshop actions, the Foveon sensor, protective filters, in-camera panoramas, tripods, any feature with "Auto" in the name except bracketing, and bringing anything but an "unadorned" camera to a photo shoot.

Very flattering that you two follow my every word.

Perhaps you could find a better use for your time.

What you've missed is the underlying theme: Simplify, simplify, simplify.

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